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  • Singleton/cache disabled by default (#672)


  • Fix noisy mysql debug output (#642)


  • Add instance.saveAssociationsByDefault setting
  • Bump node-sql-query version to v0.1.26


  • Fix pool and debug query options boolean check (#638)
  • Add hasOne(field: 'userId', mapsTo: 'user_id') option (#638)


  • Bump dependencies; Allow left/right joins in underlying db.driver.query


  • Green tests on io.js & node 0.12 (#618)
  • Don't crash on null dates if timezone is set (#618)
  • Fix wrong error when module is missing (#593)
  • Fix key field when using mapsTo and cache (#580)


  • Fix ignorecase unique scope for hasOne property (#603)


  • Fix mixed case uniqueness constraint on postgres (#597)
  • Fix mongo adapter association delete (#543)
  • Fix mongo ne/eq comparators for _id key (#586)

v2.1.20 - 19 Nov 2014

  • Exposing dirty properties array on the instance (#575)
  • Bump node-enforce version (#562)

v2.1.19 - 21 Aug 2014

  • Fix Chain.find().remove() & Chain.find.count() with mapsTo keys (#530)
  • Add not_like comparator

v2.1.18 - 29 Jul 2014

  • Add alwaysValidate flag (#540, #352)
  • Fix mongo hasMany wrong instance bug (#479)
  • Fix mysql index bug (dresende/node-sql-ddl-sync#19)

v2.1.17 - 24 Jul 2014

  • Fix postgres & sqlite driver conversion of floats and ints.

v2.1.16 - 15 Jul 2014

  • Fix Model.create missing properties bug
  • Add missing var (#523)
  • Fix hasOne required: true when instance.returnAllErrors is true. This also makes hasOne required validations messages consistent with other validation messages.

v2.1.15 - 05 Jun 2014

  • Feature: Enable plugging in custom third-party drivers (now known as adapters) (#512)
  • Add Instance.set() so that properties of type object can have their properties set and mark model as dirty (#517)
  • Add Instance.markAsDirty(propName) to force a properties state to dirty/changed.
  • Enable Property.mapsTo for keys (#509)
  • Fix hasMany join tables with custom key columns (#510)

v2.1.14 - 22 May 2014

  • Allow explicitly specifying key: true on properties rather than passing in an array of ids.
  • Fix Property.mapsTo (#506)

v2.1.13 - 21 May 2014

  • Dont modify array passed to execQuery

v2.1.12 - 20 May 2014

  • Add custom-type support to hasMany extra properties.
  • Fix SQLite index name collisions (#499)

v2.1.11 - 19 May 2014

  • Fix hasMany.getAccessor().count()

v2.1.10 - 09 May 2014

  • Fix sqlite Dialect.clear - resets incremental counters (#497)

v2.1.9 - 06 May 2014

  • Add basic PostGIS support - (#456, #375)
  • Allow mapping model properties to differently named columns (#273, #495)

v2.1.8 - 28 Apr 2014

  • Fix '.omit' (#491)

v2.1.7 - 25 Apr 2014

  • Add explicit 'integer' type to avoid confusion. type: 'number', rational: false will auto convert to type: 'integer'.

v2.1.6 - 23 Apr 2014

  • Add '.omit' to chain find - opposite of '.only'

v2.1.5 - 08 Apr 2014

  • Don't create indexes for primary/composite keys; they are created automatically (#484)

v2.1.4 - 19 Mar 2014

  • Fix TypeScript module declaration (#362)
  • Fixes reversed hasOne.getAccessor when called without callback (#267)
  • Fixes default pool value (#366)
  • Fixes erroneous misformatting of top-level $and/$or clauses (#365)
  • Fix and improve TypeScript declaration (#369)
  • Use local as default timezone, pass timezone option to Query (#325)
  • Postgres: always save object as Buffer (#378)
  • Postgres: fix queries for prop create index, and for primary keys (#377)
  • Typo in property definition (#382)
  • Implement eager loading - huge performance win (#393)
  • Make model methods defined by defineProperty writable so they can be mocked (#399)
  • Allow composite keys when calling remove. (#345, #358)
  • Fixed bug on like expression using MongoDB (#403)
  • Fixes pool and debug settings always true (#405)
  • Update express middleware for (#413)
  • Allow HasMany.setAccessor to take an empty array
  • Fix DML if object value is null, JSON.stringify return string 'null' (#380)
  • Correct sqlite log statement (#452)
  • Make association methods writable so they can be mocked (#451)
  • Throw ORM errors rather than generic ones (#455)
  • Fix sqlite3 driver with config object on windows (#461)
  • Fix 'No associations defined' error (#398)
  • Don't modify connection object (#469)
  • Don't fire afterSave hooks when calling save with no changes (#457)
  • Fix reverse has one association findBy* (#450)
  • Auto cast hasMany extra properties with types like 'Object' (#466)
  • Add example full featured express app - AnonTXT

v2.1.3 - 14 Oct 2013

  • Fixes connection strings being parsed by url module to don't forget about port :) (#355)
  • Fixes tests common.getConnectionString to use common.getConfig
  • Converts indentation from spaces:2 to tabs
  • Removes unnecessary path requirement in ORM.js
  • Changes user methods to be writeable property instances (fixes #296)
  • Fixes afterAutoFetch next(err) bubling up just like afterLoad (#301)
  • Fixes cache for hasOne associations (#339)
  • Adds findByAssociation to extendsTo (#314)
  • Fixes Model.extendsTo autoFetch not working (throwing) (#323)
  • Adds hasMany hooks.beforeSave (#324)

v2.1.2 - 16 Sep 2013

  • Fixes stack overflow on with a reversed hasOne association (#338)
  • Reverts should dev dependency to 1.2.2 (newer version was causing problems)
  • When using postgres you can now use pg@2.6.2 (unless when connecting to Heroku - use 2.5.0)

v2.1.1 - 13 Sep 2013

  • Add TypeScript interface
  • Allow custom join tables (#276)
  • Fixes stack overflow when saving auto-fetched model with relations (#279)
  • Unique validator can be scoped and case insensitive (#288)
  • Allow async express middleware (#291)
  • Allow finding by associations (#293)
  • Fix sqlite find with boolean (#292)
  • Fix afterLoad hook error handling (#301)
  • Allow auto-escaping for custom queries (#304)
  • Add support for custom property types (#305)
  • Allow ordering by raw sql - .orderRaw() when chaining (#308, #311)
  • Fix saving Instance.extra fields (#312)
  • Fix NaN handling (#310)
  • Fix incorrect SQL query (#313)
  • Deprecated PARAM_MISSMATCH ErrorCode in favour of correctly spelt PARAM_MISMATCH (#315)
  • Add promises to query chain (#316)
  • Adds a test for hasMany.delAccessor with arguments switched (#320)
  • Allow passing timezone in database connection string, local timezone is now default (#325, #303)
  • Adds ability to call db.load() with multiple files (closes #329)
  • For mysql driver, when using pool, use con.release() instead of con.end() (if defined) (closes #335)
  • Passes error from afterLoad hook to ready event
  • Most errors now have a model property
  • Adds connection.pool and connection.debug settings
  • Fixes throw when calling ChainFind.first() or .last() and it has an error
  • Removes upper limit on VARCHAR column size
  • Allows multi-key models to support hasMany

v2.1.0 - 3 Aug 2013

  • Adds License (MIT) file (closes #271)
  • Make Model.get respect Model autoFetch default value (#277)
  • Changes the way ":" is added to sqlite db paths (#270)
  • Fixes duplicated debug lines for postgres (#258)
  • Fixes not saving associations if no changes (other than associations) are made (#256)
  • Fixes autoFetch being discarded in Model.get options (closes #266)
  • Adds beforeDefine to plugins (#263)
  • Allows user to pass an object to extendsTo.setAccessor instead of an instance (detected via #250)
  • Changes autoFetch to avoid autofetching if instance is not saved (it's new!) (#242)
  • Changes validations and predefined validators to use enforce@0.1.1
  • Adds support for setting properties.association_key to be a function (name, field)
  • Passes connection settings to database drivers
  • Creates initial mongodb driver and 'mongo' driver alias
  • Allow querying chainfind with sql conditions
  • Allow passing extra options to extended models
  • Allow big text fields
  • Allow before* hooks to modify the instance
  • Fixes #226 - hasOne delAccessor not working
  • Adds Utilities.getRealPath to look for the real path to load based on the file where it was called from (for db.load and db.use)
  • Fixes Model.aggregate().call() to accept no arguments except function name
  • Fix problem with extendsTo and custom key types
  • Better association typing and multikey support

v2.0.15 - 10 July 2013

  • Support for 'point' type as a property (#221)
  • .call() in aggregates for generic functions (#204)
  • Adds hook afterAutoFetch triggered after extending and auto fetching (if any) associations (#219)
  • Adds predefined validator .password()
  • Adds ability to have the afterLoad hook blocking (#219)
  • Changes Model.create() to wait for createInstance callback instead of using the returned value
  • Fixes problem with hasOne associations for none persisted instances and autoFetch active just blocking
  • Refactored Model.hasOne() constructor to be able to mix parameters
  • Fixes reversed hasOne association on the reversed model not being correctly saved (#216)
  • Changes Model.hasMany.addAccessor to throw just like .setAccessor when no associations are passed
  • Adds ability to pass an Array to hasMany.hasAccessor and also not passing any instance to hasAccessor and have it check for any associated item
  • Exposes Model methods to change hooks after model definition
  • Fixes postgres driver not returning numbers for number columns
  • Fixes passing json object instead of instances to Model.create() associations (#216)
  • Passes Model to Instance directly, changes Instance to use instead of
  • Exposes
  • Removes old Property.js throw error in favour of new one
  • Adds initial Model.extendsTo(name, properties[, opts])
  • Avoids redefining properties in instances
  • Adds ErrorCodes.NOT_DEFINED
  • Adds db.drop() - similar to db.sync()
  • Changes hasMany.getAccessor to support order as string (closes #196)
  • Handle django string formatted sqlite datetime
  • Many bug fixes

v2.0.14 - 27 June 2013

  • Changes many errors to use the ErrorCodes generator (#206)
  • Changes Model.aggregate() to support multiple orders when calling .order() (#207)
  • Changes sqlite3 version and adds warning.
  • Fix wrong import of debug output for aggregate functions
  • Fix orm when running on node v0.6 (at least) and module not found error has no code property
  • Adds model.namePrefix setting (#203)
  • Fixes bug when passing an array (object) of ids but no options object
  • Only mark model as dirty if a property has really changed
  • Fix hasOne infinite loop
  • WIP: Fix hasOne infinite loop & migrate tests to mocha
  • Fixes ipv4 predefined validator match string (it was not matching correctly!)
  • Fixes Model.get() when passing cache: false and model has cache: true
  • Creates Singleton.clear() to clear cache, exports singleton in orm
  • Fix required property only threw a single error with returnAllErrors = true
  • Fixes some hasMany association usage of to check for real id property name (#197)
  • Changes db.load() to return value from loaded and invoked function (#194)
  • Adds possibility to add a callback to ChainFind.find() (#190)
  • Adds .findByX(...) to .hasOne("X", ...)
  • Allow db.load() to work outside of module.exports
  • Fix mysql driver for non-autoincrement key
  • Test framework moving to mocha, not complete yet
  • Adds make cov to make for a test coverage
  • Many other bug fixes

v2.0.13 - 5 June 2013

  • Avoids throwing when calling db.close() without a callback and using pool in mysql (fixes #180)
  • Adds initial code to support passing associations when creating new instances (#162)
  • Changes Model.exists() to allow array or object passing
  • Allows passing an object instead of an instance as an hasOne asssociation
  • Fixes bug introduced in 2.0.12 forcing extra properties being ignored (fixes #183)

v2.0.12 - 30 May 2013

  • New plugin: orm-paging
  • Adds as an alias for Model.all().limit(1) (#148)
  • Changes to return only one instance (or null) instead of an Array (#148)
  • Allow passing a single object to Model.create() (#159)
  • Fixes passing unknown properties to new instances (fixes #178)
  • Adds AggregateFunctions.limit() (#172)
  • Checks for driver debug flag and prints debug lines in AggregateFunctions (#171)
  • Added Hook 'beforeValidation' prior to all validations
  • Avoids JSON parsing values when they are already objects (and not string buffers) (#168)
  • Changes beforeRemove, beforeCreate, beforeSave and beforeValidation to use Hooks.wait() (sync or async hooks) (#167)
  • Support specifying size of number columns
  • Many more bug fixes
  • More tests added
  • Many documentation improvements

v2.0.11 - 3 May 2013

  • Changes orm.connect() to return an EventEmitter
  • Avoids saving an instance if a property is null and is marked as required (#142)
  • Avoids passing property validations if property is null and is not required (#142)
  • Fixes documentation where user should be used instead of username in connection options (closes #145)
  • Adds postgresql schema support
  • Fixes autoFetchLimit and cascadeRemove options not being used when set to 0 or false (fixes #144)

v2.0.10 - 25 Apr 2013

  • Adds ChainFind.where() as a link to ChainFind.find()
  • Adds support for -property on ChainFind.order()
  • Reduces the size of mysql driver
  • Adds initial support for multi primary key models
  • Updates DB.define() and Model.get() to support tables with multiple primary keys (#135)
  • Creates Model.all() as alias to Model.find(), adds simple example
  • Fixes autoFetch option not being considered in Model.find() (#120)
  • Adds support for chaining and rechaining with ChainFind
  • Fixes bug about connection config object not having query key (fixes #130)
  • Adds initial plugin architecture - .use() (#121)
  • Fixes some bugs
  • Adds more tests

v2.0.9 - 18 Apr 2013

  • Correct 'returnAllErrors' setting behaviour
  • Adds default settings properties.required = false (#110)
  • Changes to support an hash of changes before saving (#111)
  • Adds setting connection.reconnect (default=false) to auto-reconnect (only mysql for now) (#112)
  • Adds possibility of .order() to aggregate method (#114)
  • Adds .select() aggregate function to support additional properties to be selected (#114)
  • Adds .as() aggregate function to define alias to previous function (#123)
  • Adds .distinct() aggregate function to all drivers (#123)
  • Changes model.find() queries to specify columns instead of selecting * from tables (#106)
  • Changes hasMany.addAccessor to support arrays of instances (#97)
  • Adds support for descending ordering using "-property" (#115)
  • Adds pool support to postgres driver
  • Removes postgres axomic driver
  • Updates redshift driver to use new postgres driver
  • Adds .validate() model to instances
  • Adds more tests
  • Some documentation updates
  • Some bug fixes

v2.0.8 - 8 Apr 2013

  • Adds more aggregate functions to the several drivers
  • Adds groupBy to aggregate methods (#99)
  • Adds possibility to use "-property" to indicate a descending order in Model.find()
  • Adds setting instance.returnAllErrors (default: true)
  • Changes hasMany.setAccessor to support passing an array of instances (#97)
  • Fixes property defaultValue not being set if property is null (closes #104)
  • Adds support for indexes on properties that are no associations (#98)
  • Adds a new option to add multi-column indexes to models (#98)
  • Bug fixes

v2.0.7 - 3 Apr 2013

  • Fixed SQLite driver writing to console when it should not
  • Changes Express middleware to wait for connections (errored or not) before processing requests (#92)
  • Avoids loosing previously set limit (if set) on Model.fin() (#93)
  • Fixes hasMany getAccessor when using an Array as only argument (specific properties)
  • Adds ChainFind .last() (similar to .first())
  • Fixes hasMany acessor names to correctly convert prop_name to PropName (underscores)
  • Adds hasMany hasAcessor conditional to ChainFind (#94)

v2.0.6 - 22 Mar 2013

  • Changes orm.connect to check connection url/opts to avoid throwing some errors about missing protocol or database (#75)
  • Hardens some validators againt null/undefined, changes match validator to avoid compiling regex everytime it's called
  • Changes back default instance properties to null instead of undefined
  • Changes Express middleware to be able to have more than one connection (#76)
  • Changes Singleton to avoid cache if save_check option is enabled and cached instance is not saved (#78)
  • Adds Model.aggregate()
  • Adds 'required' option to hasOne associations
  • Changes singleton uid creation to use driver uid (#86)
  • Changes Model.drop and Model.sync to be resistive to no callback
  • Changes ORM.sync() to also be resistant to no callback
  • Many bug fixes

v2.0.5 - 13 Mar 2013

  • Uses sql-query for SQL query building
  • Adds initial middleware for Express
  • Moves beforeCreate to near beforeSave so people can change instance just like beforeSave (#69)
  • Fixes bug when creating Models without all data (#69)
  • Changes drivers.count() to be able to pass options (related to #68)
  • Changes postgres DDL to create ENUM types before table (#71)
  • Changes hasOne.getAccessor to be able to fetch instance before association (if needed)
  • Adds support for Object property type in DDL drivers (#72)

v2.0.4 - 7 Mar 2013

  • Changes db.load() to behave like builtin require()
  • Moves hook beforeSave to before checking validations (#66)
  • Changes postgres driver to support ssl flag and pass it to pg driver
  • Adds possibility to add order to hasMany getAccessor (#58)
  • Fixes hasOne reversed associations not having setAccessor
  • Adds (#57)
  • Changes db.load to avoid throwing and just create the error
  • Added "afterRemove" hook
  • Added "afterCreate" hook
  • Support Model.find({ prop: null }) (closes #59)
  • Adds LIKE operator
  • Many bug fixes

v2.0.3 - 26 Feb 2013

  • Fixes postgresql integer columns (#52)
  • Adds boolean support for sqlite (#50)
  • Fixes an issue where hasMany association properties were not being checked (#49)
  • Changes hasMany associations to be able to make some call without callback
  • Makes Instances trigger beforeRemove event
  • Creates default option for instance.cascadeRemove (true)
  • Fixes unique validator not using Model id property name (was using hard coded "id")
  • Updated documentation

v2.0.2 - 21 Feb 2013

  • Forces hasMany association changes to check for instance saved (to ensure the instance has an id property)
  • Fixes some bugs when not using "id" as instance id property
  • Adds default setting instance.cache = true so people can tweak it globally
  • Adds autoFetch and autoSave options to default settings
  • Adds more documentation about Hooks, fixes Model options list ending

v2.0.1 - 21 Feb 2013

  • Changes singleton to support cache value as a number (timeout in seconds)
  • Fixes bug when escaping boolean values in postgres
  • Fixes bug on Model.sync (postgres) when property has default value (using wrong path to escape method)
  • Fixes DDL drivers creating duplicated field in reversed hasOne associations
  • Changes Model instanciation to extend association properties
  • Adds support to Amazon Redshift based on PostgreSQL driver

v2.0.0 - 21 Feb 2013

  • Initial release